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The Great Lakes Medical Laboratory Inc. results portal is a new feature that enables patients to receive their covid-19 results as soon as it is resulted from the lab.

Once your result is finalized and ready for you, you will receive a text message on your mobile device that is registered in our medical records. It will be the same phone number you provided at the doctor’s office you were tested.

That text message will include your unique Accession Number which could be used below along with your DOB to enable you to view and download your result as a PDF file.

    • If the result is found in Great lakes Medical Laboratory Inc Database you will see




If you have any issues or want to opt out of receiving any messages from Great Lakes Medical Laboratory, please email us at or call us at (248) 254-3950 between 7AM and 1AM eastern.
Accession Number

Date Of Birth

CLICK BELOW FOR RESULT IN PDF (the PDF is secured by your accession number):

First Name
Last Name
Patient Number
Phone Number
Date Of Birth
Doctor Name
Accession Number
Collection Date and Time
Specimen Type
Test Name Test Result

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